In a world where brilliantly designed characters roam the earth, where painfully bright colors are simply… accepted, where well produced lip-syncing is… the norm, there exists a studio that helps building all this, and more.

With images, moving or still, designed for all kinds of media and any audience possible. Characters telling a story, becoming the face of your brand or creating the right atmosphere for your purpose. Characters who will startle you, melt your heart, make you laugh or calls for your deepest concentration.

Starring a six legged princess, a kitten so cute it’ll make the internet explode, an army of laser shooting ponies or… a random guy in a suit! Anything is possible.

From the director who brought you Bugger and Bird Benny, comes a heartbreaking cooperation between you and this studio: Kristof Luyckx proudly presents… Partly Fiction.

WARNING: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is partly coincidental.



Partly Fiction is located in Belgium, nicely packed between the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and France.

+32 473 464 252

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You may remember us from clients such as: De Lijn, Vice, Sanoma, EMI, Vier, Live Nation, Natuurpunt, Roundhouse, VRT, Peugeot, Studio Brussel,…

We do commercials, tv idents, print ads, program titles, music videos, explainer videos, short films and games. Partly Fiction is always eager for interesting projects and collaborations.